Year Three

Singapore Maths

Our school is using the Singapore Maths method of learning and mastering mathematical skills and facts. One of the things we love about this is that we always work in pairs. Two heads are better than one!

Here we are talking to each other and working through the questions and solving problems.

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Making Stone Age Paint

This term we are finding out about the lives of early humans. We are thinking about how they lived, what they ate and what they have left behind for us to find.

Today we can still see some of the marks people from the Stone Age left behind in the form of cave paintings. After looking at some photos of cave paintings we had a go at making our own using charcoal (as we know this was used all those years ago too).

This morning we searched the school grounds for materials to make Stone Age paint. We used sticks and stones to dig at the earth and collect so,e soil in pots. We also collected leaves, flowers and berries. 

Mrs. Heaton is very impressed with the way we worked together to produce experimental paintings using such basic resources (no paintbrushes for this lesson!).


We even found time to try something very messy- look at our cave art hand impressions (you’ll be glad to know we didn’t spit the paint as Stone Age artists did!!

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Before we start we wanted to say hello.

There are three adults in working in Yr3- Mrs O’Donohue our teaching assistant (TA) who works in call all week, Mrs Ventre who will in class Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Heaton who will be in class Wednesday-Friday. 
Here are some photos from our transition day at the end of last year.

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Super Athlete Winners

Well done to everyone who raised money as part of our Super Athletes challenge, you have really done yourselves proud! Again, this shows that Year 3 is the best class in the school!




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Health and Fitness Fruit Kebabs

Health and fitness week has been a great success so far! The children had a real treat in class when they had the chance to make their own delicious and (more importantly!) healthy snacks! We threw together a fruit kebab: quick, easy and very cheap to buy. Some cracking concoctions were made with kiwi, orange, melon, strawberries, blueberries and more!

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came to support all of the children in St. Columba’s yesterday by buying their beautiful works of art! As you can see, the children worked incredibly hard and came up with some fantastic ideas. Throughout the school, each year picked one artist and tried to emulate their work. Here, in Year 3, we chose Sonia Boyce – a British artist known for her works that celebrate her own memories and culture. Each child chose their own memory that they wanted to celebrate and share with others: from their first goal in a football tournament; to a time when they went to the park and caught a fish with a parent!

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Rocking out in Year 3

Our Science topic this term is all about Rocks and Soils. Which helps us get to know the planet we live on much better. Our first lesson looked at separating rocks into three groups: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. To show the children how Sedimentary rocks are formed by extreme pressure from different layers of rock, we pretended to be that process! I don’t think the class will forget Sedimentary at least!

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Art on Tuesday 16th May

Continuing our look at famous British and European artists, we looked at Howard Hodgkin today and his abstract style. We looked at how he takes inspiration from India and paints to encourage employees emotion, without focusing too much on detail. Using this style, the children had a go at creating their own abstract pieces. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think!


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Raging Romans

Today we have begun to learn all about the Roman Conquerers and how much of the world they eventually occupied under the rule of Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius. Children managed to identify countries using atlases and tell us the date they were brought under Roman control, in BC and AD.


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Sharing in Year 3

We love our circle times in Year 3 and today was especially lovely. Linking with our Energy topic in Come and See RE, today we shared important relationships in our lives and talked about how we receive and spread positive energy to those around us. We have an incredibly thoughtful class and they make Mr Mitchell and Mrs O’D proud with how kind and selfless they can be.

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Welcome back Year 3!

We have jumped straight back in the summer term by starting many new topics. As you can see here, we have been doing lots of acting this week to explore emotions and thoughts in both Literacy and RE, as well as working our socks off taking part in our tennis lessons! Welcome back!

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