What an amazing day. Today our school was visited by Surfers Against Sewage. We learnt lots of facts about litter. We thought about how that escaped rubbish ends up in our environment, hurting animals and destroying ecosystems.

Every day in the UK 2.25 million pieces of litter are dropped. We found it hard to believe this fact. A lot of this litter is plastic, which takes between 400 and 1000 years to breakdown. It never goes away, just breaks into smaller pieces.

Every piece of plastic made still exists, it will never go away.

Our visitors started with an assembly for the whole school.

The apple with biodegrade, it will break down over time and insects and plants will use its matter. The plastic in the jar made its way to the sea.

Just look at all the litter we picked up on our school grounds in THREE minutes.

We came up with own ideas for talking the problems we have talked about. Then we presented them to our class.

What an inspiring visit! Thank you 😊